Water Damage Can Occur Anytime

Unless you've been trained on water damage, it can be extremely hard to detect. If you're a homeowner looking for professionals that are experienced in water damage, rely on Paul Davis. Our experienced professionals have repair water damage at every level of severity at extremely reasonable prices. If your property undergoes unexpected water damage, don't hesitate to call Paul Davis. But to catch water damage before it escalates, homeowners should be able to identify water damage. There are preemptive actions you can take to avoid water damage in your home. The best way to take care of water damage is to prevent it from happening.

How Does Water Damage Occur?

The key to water damage repairs is prevention. That's why it's imperative to search your home for the signs of water damage. This means finding the time to examine home appliances that use the most water. You can never be too careful. Here are a few causes of water water damage in the home:

  • Frozen or leaking water pipes or lines
  • Overflowing toilets, bathtubs or sinks
  • Backed up sewage and septic tank lines
  • Overflowing dishwashers or washing machines

Water Damage Can Be Prevented

The best way to avoid water damage is to take action. To avoid costly repairs and homeowner's insurance claims, preventive action is key. To prevent water damage, try the following:

  • Frequently look over your appliances for leaks.
  • Avoid pouring grease down your kitchen sink. This can cause major damage and blockage to your pipes.
  • Make sure that your water pressure isn't too high. If it is, it could cause unwanted stress on your pipes or hoses.
  • When emergencies strike, know how to turn off your water main. If a pipe bursts or leaks, you'll be able to turn off your water main right away to prevent irreversible damage.
  • Be on the lookout for any unexpected spikes in your water bill. It could be a sign of a leak.
  • Clean your gutters regularly to prevent damage to your siding or foundation.

Contact Paul Davis Today

Your home can undergo serious damages from a burst or leaking pipe. If you need water damage repair services, call Paul Davis at (519)352-7700. Your local Paul Davis experts will arrive to your home as soon as they can. Because we have 50 years of experience under our belt, Paul Davis knows how to tackle any water emergency you have for us.